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This is not something we normally post but wanted to share this one.

Over the years of raising goats we were lucky enough to have this special doe. Minnie was born in April of 2010. One of the things that made her special is that she was born a quintuplet. The smallest of five and they all lived. In nearly 18 years that we have been raising boer goats this was the only set of quintuplets we ever had. We didn’t expect Minnie to make it at birth because she was so small, and yet she did. In fact , she actually outlived all her other siblings. Minnie was not a bottle baby, she was too stubborn for that. Instead, she would go around and steal milk from all the other mothers and was sneaky enough to get away with it. Minnie knew her name. Whenever you yelled for her, Minnie’s head would come up and she would answer you immediately. This girl was loaded with personality. Minnie produced some beautiful kids over the years, some became excellent show animals that won Champion honors. She had her last set of kids in 2018 when we decided to retire her and let her live out her life here at our farm. She was a special icon around here. Visitor’s would come and the first thing they would ask is, where is Minnie? She was always very entertaining. She was also the leader of the herd, she earned that respect with the others. You would often see her taking the other goats out to the pasture or bringing them back in. Minnie lived a full and happy life. She passed away peacefully on October 23, 2022 at the age of 12. She will be greatly missed but it was… Time Well Spent.