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Miniature Herefords


This story is just too cool not to share!

On Thursday, August 24, 2017 at 5:30 pm, we were waiting out a rain shower so we could continue feeding the rest of our animals. As the rain stopped and sun came out, the most beautiful double rainbow appeared and it looked as if it were coming down into our pasture field. We continued to feed and Daisy, one of the miniature Herefords, didn't come down off the hill from our pasture. Of course we went to look for her and we found Daisy with her new born calf in the same area where the rainbow had ended. I guess you could say we found our "little pot of gold."


We wish to thank Kent and Amy Davidson of Davidson's Livestock for letting us purchase two beautiful heifer calves, DL Abby and DL Dressup Daisy to start our miniature H285ereford adventure.